Centro Turístico Vista Bella


This bathing resort isn’t a wonderfully posh spa, it’s more like a glass fiber wonderland for regular people.

This “touristic center” is one of the many bathing resorts in Huandacareo, and although I hadn’t been to any of these in several years, I went recently to this one (Vista Bella, literally “beautiful sight”) with some friends to celebrate the end of the school year (yahooo!).

This place has several pools with different depths from 50 cm deep for kids to 3 meters for divers, it has some huge water slides, and tables to put your stuff with umbrellas shaped like flowers or mushrooms; there are some more games out of the water like swings, those things where you go up and down (I think they’re called seesaws), and little slides for small kids.

People usually take their food and eat it in the tables or on the grass (as if it were a picnic), and sometimes it can get a bit crowded specially on weekends. The good thing about there being lots of people is that all the slides are open and all the pools are full, if there aren’t so many people then some of the slides are closed but there’s more place for yourself.

Another thing about these places (not only the one I’m talking about) is that the water is warm because they are termal waters, in this particular place there’s a little pool that is like a jacuzzi because all the (very) warm water falls into it and then goes into the other pools.

As I said, this place isn’t a wonderfully posh spa, it’s more like a glass fiber wonderland for regular people. I must say I LOVE this because of all the kitsch things (like the table umbrellas I mentioned or the kid’s water games [like an ill designed whale slide or a purple octopus]) so come along for some bizarre underwater (or over water) pictures, but don’t forget to bring your swimsuit and a towel (I forgot my towel) and bring some money as well because I think they charge an entry fee.

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  1. stouf
    stouf ·

    Wowowooooo what a gallery !!! I love these shots !!! All this splashing ! N°2 and N°9 are pure masterpieces. Congratulations !

  2. rater
    rater ·

    Fun Fun Fun! I want to splash also!

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