New York MOMA

This gallery nearly brought me to tears! The Museum of Modern Art in New York is a must see for me and I can’t wait to go back!

One of the most memorable days of my New York trip was the day we spent at MOMA. We had to queue in the rain for a while to get in and it was very busy. At one point I thought I couldn’t be bothered! When we got in, I just couldn’t believe it. It was an experience that hit all of my senses and was quite overwhelming.

The space itself is well set out and the internal main hall has viewpoints all around from many levels. The exhibits were interactive in parts and mixed with iconic pieces that are ingrained in your subconscious from an early age. For me, all this made for the best gallery experience I’ve ever had. A true gem and something I can recommend highly.

Which exhibitions have you seen at the MOMA? Or what is your favorite gallery? Answers on a post card please!

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