New York on Film


In 2010, I eventually got to go to a place I’d always wanted to go…New York City! The place where my true love affair with my LC-A+ began.

I had been bought an LC-A+ by my boyfriend for my birthday and I couldn’t wait to try and get some high colour shots from it. As you may well know, Mancunia is not especially known for its periods of immense sunshine! Using guidebooks written by the usual suspects, we made a rough plan of what we wanted to do and see. A top pick for me is the Rockefeller Center. For me the view was incredible and catching a glimpse of the Empire State Building from the top was well worth the wait. At the top of the Rock, I had my LC-A+ on hand and the sun made an appearance just in time for me to get snap happy.

For anyone planning their first trip to NY, I would suggest picking up a copy of the Village Voice from a vending machine. I scanned through it and noticed that Eli Paper Boy Reed and The True Lovers were playing a free gig in City Hall Park. Think 1950’s rock and roll tones, brass, and more twist and shout than you can shake a stick at. What an amazing experience! Eli’s voice was in fine form and the band was unbelievable. Everyone danced in the park and the audience was a varied bunch. The sun shone and with the American flag blowing in the wind behind the stage, this was the New York experience I’d been hoping and waiting for.

We also made a trip to the Lomo store and this for me was incredibly exciting! I stocked up on film and also got some handy tips from the store assistant. She suggested I try pushing some film if I wanted to go for a high grain and arty feel to my shots. This is something I have never bothered to try as I am quite new to all this. Upon arriving home and collecting my shots from the developers, I opened the packet with excitement and can say it’s the first bit of work I was truly pleased with. Some of the stuff, I thought “God, how the hell did that happened”, but hey, that’s the beauty of Lomo right?!

So tell me what are your best experiences of New York City? Do you have any tips for my next NY trip? I have a million and could talk about it all day but for now, it’s over to you!

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  1. jeffr
    jeffr ·

    the village voice, like a true new yorker :) Great article and i love the photos! look out for my article on dumbo (hopefully to get published soon). you gotta check out dumbo if you're in new york. :)

  2. jennysparkle
    jennysparkle ·

    Hey Jeff! I am soooo coming back soon! Will keep my eyes peeled :) I need a trip back to McSorley's!

  3. litleandi
    litleandi ·

    Great article and such beautiful photos. I am heading over there next week and cannot wait. Your article really has be even more excited. =)

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