Measuring Distance with a Human Rangefinder


Here’s something you need to know every time you’re using your Lomo or Diana camera. What’s the distance between the camera and your subject.

Something you want to know every time you take a picture with a zone focus camera is the distance from the subject in order to get a sharp, in-focus picture.

One method to use is measuring with a rope, meter or ruler. Bit if you’re outdoors, it’s not a good bet to try it. It takes a lot of effort and it’s not ergonomic and people will think you’re crazy carrying a ruler with you all the time.

Something very clever invented by a guy named Thomas Achtemichuk called, The Human Rangefinder; it’s basically a unique card used for measuring on an eye-level basis.

A couple of things you need to create one:
-Distance between the center of your eyes (eye offset)
-The distance between a card (you hold it with both hands straight at the level of your chest) and your eye
-Zone distances of your camera. For LC-A its (0.8,1.5,3) and infinity if automatically set
-A printer

You hold it with both hands as before and close your right eye. Align the corner of the card, with your subject and then open the right eye and you’ll see your distance. Simple as that.

Thanks to Thomas Achtemichuk for inspiring this page!

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  1. renenob
    renenob ·

    Nice! I have one too!

  2. sedgetone
    sedgetone ·

    I was used to measuring in feet so this was a massive help to me. Finally my LCA shots were in focus

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