A Review of the Holga 120 CFN


1982 saw the birth of the Holga. It was made in China to make medium-format photography available to the mass-market. The name was derived from the term ho gwong meaning “very bright.” When these plastic cameras made it to the West, it was sought-after for the surreal, lo-fi images that it makes. Thus, it earned the nickname “The Plastic Fantastic.”

There are different Holga models, starting with the 120S (now discontinued). Some models are equipped with a glass lens (120GN, 120GCFN, 120GFN), but a huge part of the Holga charm comes from the plastic lens, which yields soft-focus images. On a sunny day, expect some vignetting (darkening) around the edges of your photo. The most recent addition to the Holga family is the 120CFN – with a built in colorflash. Turn the dial and choose from four colors (blue, clear, red, yellow) and you’re ready to bathe your subject in a splash of color.

Credits: satriaramadhan, stonerfairy, myloveletter & rikkib

Plastic body, plastic lens. Holga is extremely lightweight and fuss-free. There are two shutter speeds to choose from – a standard 1/125 for daytime, and a “B” (Bulb) setting for long-exposures. Set it up on a tripod for sharp nighttime photos. You can even shoot multiple layers in one frame, thanks to its uncoupled shutter and advance.

To get the most out of your Holga, experimenting with film is necessary. That way you can discover which works for you and your Holga. Some prefer to use slide film and cross-process it, resulting in dream-like photos with unbelievable saturation and deep colors. Then there are some who go for the “film noir” effect and favor black & white film – the vignetting makes the images more dramatic and mysterious.

Credits: conboy, disdis, stouf, lolfox, life_on_mars & jeansman

Each Holga is different from the other. Some may emit light leaks, others none at all. There are various ways to encourage these light leaks. It’s been suggested that lightly squeezing a finished roll of 120 will allow light to leak in. Taping it up with black tape, or painting the interiors with matte black paint can keep the light leaks at bay – this is called “flocking.”

Another reason why Holga has a cult following – it can be easily modified. Masks can add an extra character to your images, and with a few simple techniques it can even use 35mm film for the Holga “sprocket hole” effect (showing the entire surface of 35mm film). No matter what you choose to do with it – paint it, customize it, tinker with it inside and out – it’s guaranteed to give you unexpected results every time.

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  1. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    Fantastic cult Camera, I love it so much!! I discovered lomography through the plastic eye of Holga, and the day I had it in my hands changed my life!! :)))

  2. begoniac
    begoniac ·

    I strongly agree with you.To me this camera is an absolute treasure...and I also discovered lomography through my Holga,first camera I used and will keep using forever.

  3. lazyrabbit
    lazyrabbit ·

    Seems this camera has taken many lomographers virginitys! i am proud to be 1 of them, this camera helped me re-discover my love of photography and film, i now can never be parted from the chunk of plastic!

  4. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    when i discovered lomography, i thought the lca was too expensive. thats why i bought the holga. the effects it gave also tickled me. it was a great time, shooting the first roll and it is still great.

  5. cheeso
    cheeso ·

    I love the Holga, and I am glad I haven't mastered it. I took some shots and got unintentional double exposures that I really liked!

  6. registradus
    registradus ·

    It introduced me to the world of LOMOGRAPHY.

    It is an expensive habit though...

  7. jogintas
    jogintas ·

    yep, shocking good cam! plastic fantastic!

  8. bbg_mae07
    bbg_mae07 ·

    great cam!

  9. makeyuu
    makeyuu ·

    One of the cornerstones. So unpredictably catchy.

  10. darius24
    darius24 ·

    It was my first camera, and also my favorite.

  11. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    my second love after fisheye 2 but this holga is my everytime lover :)

  12. pedro_bautista
    pedro_bautista ·

    I love my hooooooooollllga!!!!



  13. oscarnewlove
    oscarnewlove ·

    Yep a great lomo. and my starter.

  14. tommynorth
    tommynorth ·

    gives you pictures you couldn't dream of with a digital cam, a great starter i love it

  15. zaharzahari
    zaharzahari ·

    cant wait for my holga

  16. delina
    delina ·

    my first lomo camera <3

  17. delina
    delina ·

    my first lomo camera <3

  18. jannv
    jannv ·

    Hoping I'll be getting this camera this week. 😊

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