Youthful and Vibrant Hongdae


Day or night, this mecca of contemporary art and youth culture in Seoul has much pleasures to offer its visitors.

Credits: lakandula

Hongdae is short for Hongik Daehakgyo or Hongik University, which is popular primarily for its art department. The area in the vicinity of the university became a hub for many young Koreans and visitors in Seoul for art and contemporary culture including shopping and night clubbing. We first visited the area on the day we arrived in the country. We were scheduled to meet the coordinator Ms. Imsu Ha of the Seoul Tourism Organization at the subway station entrance/exit 9. She would lead us to the Lomo Gallery Store Seoul, which is also located in the area. We came quite early for the noon rendezvous so fangcarpenter and I went for a leisure lomowalk around the busy area.

Credits: lakandula

We saw an eclectic mix of interesting boutiques and shops selling different items including at the time of our visit mostly winter stuff as well as handmade accessories, calligraphy artworks, mobile phone cases, etc. There are lots of coffee shops, noodle shops and hosts of restaurants, bars and fast food chains. The streets of Hongdae never seem to be short of people as lots of students and young adults constantly parade the streets and sidewalks with their pulsating energy. The winter colors of street scenes in Hongdae are pleasantly soft to the eyes. Many buildings have charming architecture including the Hongik University itself.

Credits: lakandula

The entire place is a home ground for up-and-coming visual artists to exhibit and sell their works in galleries, for young craftsmen to display and find markets for their crafts and for budding musicians to showcase their talent in live performances, musicals, and concerts. It is a convergence point for many artists whether they are independent or mainstream. If you are planning to buy low-priced art, Hongdae, which is very much accessible via subway through lines 6 and 2 is the place to be. Popular landmarks in the area include the murals and graffiti of Sangsu Station and the 11-story building known as Sangsangmadang that is a one-stop shop for movies, live performances, art exhibit, and workshops.

Used is a previously exposed roll on vintage recipes to texture my shots on my first visit to Hongdae.

Credits: lakandula

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