Lomography Actionsampler - Staff Review


The Actionsampler is a lightweight, plastic camera that takes a series of four images in one print.

Every picture tells a story, and that holds especially true with the Actionsampler camera.

The Actionsampler has four sets of 26mm single element sequentially operated lenses. Load up a 35mm film, aim the camera at a moving subject, and press the shutter. The four lenses will “sample” four frames of the action in a full circle, and that’s what you get in a print. Of course, you can pick a motionless subject too, but you’ll have to do the moving! It has a shutter speed of 1/100 second, with an exposure interval of 0.22 seconds per frame and 0.66 seconds in total (for four frames in a sequence on each negative).

It’s an uncomplicated camera that requires no thinking at all – no light meters or focus settings to fiddle around with here, because it has fixed focus (from 1.2m to infinity). It just aims to take four sequential shots that you can upload to the Lomography Lab, so that you can animate your prints and watch the four frames in action.

It may be strange or funny-looking, but this camera takes sharp pictures, as long as you’re in very bright lighting conditions – it has no flash, so you’ll have to rely on natural light for excellent pictures. Generally, 100 ASA is good for sunny days, but a higher ASA (400, 800, 1600) will guarantee the best results. Try colored, black & white or slides – the Actionsampler will use any 35mm film.

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Photos by jaalvarez

written by shhquiet on 2008-06-06 #gear #35mm #review #staff #lomography #actionsampler


  1. evev
    evev ·

    2 month ago, i bought ActionSampler Chrome, but now i want ActionSampler Clear !!!

  2. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    Yeah! I love to used Action Sampler. The multi-4-lens are awesome!

  3. adzfar
    adzfar ·

    I love the light leak of Action Sampler! That's amazed!

  4. magicpocket
    magicpocket ·

    Mine didn't even work for more than 5 photos from the first ever roll. I thought there must have been some issue with the film getting jammed or out of sync with the shutter-reset mechanism so gave it another try, and same again, worked for about 5 photos then it starts just only opening 2 of the shutters, then when you wind it on it will automatically take some more photos.. You press the shutter release and can hear it running out of steam and grinding to a halt.

    This is one mass made piece of overpriced junk, the worst camera I have ever known!

  5. mrbunnypants
    mrbunnypants ·

    Mines broken as well.... though I did get through around 4/6 rolls of film. The shutter wheel inside isn't working.

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