Winter Captured on Black and White Fuji Acros


The Fuji Neopan 100, forever used by professional photographers, stays true to the commitment of providing awesome black and white photos. Know more about this film after the break.

Black and white photography will always be a unique chapter in film photography. By creating and selling black and white films, people will always be happy and ever creative. Fujifilm is one of those brands that will always sell one of the best black and white film.

With Neopan Acros 100, super fine grain can be achieved and larger prints can be made from it, due to the fact that it’s a slow to medium film. Also it can be used in bright daylight and also on night light. There’s no room for errors with the Acros 100, and that being said, this film can be used for long exposures and into pinhole camera.

As we know, at long exposures, reciprocity failure may create a soft focus and ruin the exposure, very common if you shoot with a pinhole. If you’ll use this film, you can expose for 30 min and not get any problems.

In most of these pictures, I used a green/yellow filter and I shot in bright sun and also in overcast whether. Also, I didn’t used a light-meter to measure the exposure, but I used a ‘sunny 16 rule’ chart. Even though I overexposed or underexposed, the film will not show on any of these pictures.

It’s awesome to shoot with it so I kindly recommend trying one for yourself!

Fuji Neopan Acros 100 35mm gives awesome grey tones and razor-sharp fine-grain results. Wonderful for that old-school look, and a great basic film for everyday shooting. Check it out with the rest of our black and white film selection.

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  1. neanderthalis
    neanderthalis ·

    I find I like this film a lot for both 135 and 120. The results seem to match or surpass my expectations.

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