Sirmione On Lake Garda, Italy


Sirmione is a very attractive city located on a thin peninsula south of Lake Garda.

A small, thin peninsula, about 4 kilometers in length divides the south of Lake Garda into two equal halves. The city of Sirmione sits near the peninsula’s tip, and it’s natural beauty has been admired and renowned since the ancient times :

The site has been almost continuously inhabited. By the 1st century, Sirmione – a name derived from “syrma” or “trail” became a important resort for rich Romans from Verona. Illustrious poet Catullus told the beauty of Sirmione. The impressive ruins of “the Grottos – Caves – of Catullo”, which was wrongly attributed to the poet, is a great example of a private Roman villa. It seems to have been built as a bath and spa complex. Nowadays, Sirmione is a famous destination for its thermal waters.

During the middle ages Sirmione endured various violent convulsions. By the 13th century, it was controlled by the Scaligera family who built the square towered rocca – or castles – which dominates the town’s waterfront even to this day. It has a rare example of medieval port fortification, which was used by the Scaliger fleet.

Today Sirmione is one of the Lake Garda’s most important tourist attraction. It is charming, but easily overcrowed during spring week-ends and summer. It’s better not to go there by car, because the ancient city is not allowed to the cars. It’s better to came here with the ferry, from another city.

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