Braving the Winter Cold: Rugby in Como, Italy


Braving the winter cold in the mud…a rugby match in a winter day in Italy. These images were taken on 29 January 2011 in a third division Italian match, and this is my little contribution to share with you some images of this wonderful sport. And don’t miss Six Nations on TV!

Braving the winter cold, today is dedicated to my preferred sport. There are two reasons for this: the first one is that in Como (in the North of Italy) we now have a young rugby team after 40 years. There was a team in the ’50s but for many years, this sport has disappeared from Como. The second one is that Six Nations 2012 has already begun! In the last ten years, this sport has spread in all the regions of Italy, thanks to the TV coverage of this important event, and thanks to the matches of the Italian National Team!

I never used digital to photograph rugby…I prefer film because I want the “vintage” effect of analogue photography: this sport is “timeless”, so I use my old Praktica MTL 5 with a medium tele lens: the wonderful Takumar 105/2,8. My preferred film for winter sport photos is Fuji Superia 800.

The match was Como – Paullese Gerundi (19-3), and the “battle” was made in very difficult conditions, see this:

Credits: sirio174

The Como Rugby team is a young team, we began to play in the third division only last year. The guest team, Paullese Gerundi, is a new team in this championship. Rugby is growing all over Italy. Now in Italy, there are many young teams, so for example in Como we have two under 14 teams!

Credits: sirio174

Not a great match, the conditions were very bad to play in but congratulations to both teams for this adventure in the mud and in the snow!

Credits: sirio174

Oh…Rugby Como is dressed in black, like the famous New Zealand Team, but we don’t have a “Haka” yet!

For more information on Rugby Como (Italian)

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