A Mediterranean Oasis Inside Madrid

Far from the center of the city, you can enjoy this unique little forest, a Mediterranean oasis inside Madrid.

The park “Quinta de los Molinos” (Park of the Windmills) was originally a private plot of land belonging to the architect Alicante Cesar Cort Botí, and was a gift by Count Torre-Arias in 1920, finally, it was handed to the Municipality of Madrid in 1980.

Cort aimed at recreating a typical agricultural land in the Mediterranean, which would remind him of his land of origin. And that is why we will find lots of olive trees, pine trees, eucalyptus, elm trees, etc. at the park.

But the most spectacular part of the park are for sure is the 1,500 almond trees that it holds, and which blossom during March when all the park is covered in a white cloak. For me, it is the most long awaited and the most magical time of the year.

However, the blossoming of the almond trees is just the beginning of a spring color and aroma blast: orquideas, daisies, small violets, and roses appear in all the corners of the wild garden.

When entering the north side of the garden, you will find the architectural elements of the garden, such as a tennis court, a small palace, a greenhouse, several fountains, and a small pond.

But above all, and although they are almost hidden, you’ll find the windmills after which the park is named. These windmills were brought from the US in the ’20s so that they could pull out water out of the wells and underground rivers to water the plants and trees in the park.

This is a very cute place to spend a nice afternoon and to enjoy its more than 21 hectares. It is located in Suanzes (Line 5 of the Madrid Metro) and is open all week long.

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