Rossmann Negativ-Film fur Farbbilder: Shoot Like a Real German


When in Germany or if you’re lucky and see a store nearby, go to any DM store and you’ll find this film. Buy it and use it and you’ll feel like a real German.

As I was saying, I bought this film as a souvenir, just because it says it’s made in Germany, and we know that everything made in Germany works flawlessly. Just take a look at Agfa, and also the fact that they invented 35mm format about 100 years ago.

This film, like any other, is made for daylight shots. It’s rated as 200 ASA.

I used this film on a sunny day basis but I think it will work best for long exposures too, due to the fact it’s a fine-grained and a medium speed film. I don’t think any reciprocity failure will show up, especially at very slow shutter speeds like 1 minute or so. Anything beyond that it should be a problem.

It was a snowy day so I thought it will be best to go outside and shoot some film. So I loaded my camera with a roll of Rossmann and started shooting. I guess the camera did its job, the 1-hour lab where I developed did it too, I did my job by scanning it and cropping where necessary and also uploading and talking about my experience with rossmann film here.

If you have the opportunity, buy a couple of these rolls and try one yourself. If you are looking for something special I suggest trying something else.

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  1. frau_inga
    frau_inga ·

    Nice article. I sometimes use Rossmann-film myself. It is, however, not sold at DM but at Rossmann Pharmacy stores. DM sells Paradies, which is very cheap but also nice to work with. :)

  2. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    Nice article. One small addition: negative film is always subjected to reciprocity failure. The pheonomenon occurs because the laws of the physics behind photography, not because of poor-quality materials.

    A pretty good explanation about the phenomenon:…

  3. darryl1208
    darryl1208 ·

    The Rossman labeled films are relabeled Fujis. The DM Paradies labeled ones are relabeld Kodaks. But both are nice films. Me also uses often the Rossmann's

  4. tahe87
    tahe87 ·

    Love the price on the rossmanns :D Might pop over to germany, just to get a buttload of these cheap beauty's...

  5. marvthem
    marvthem ·

    Funny to read. One of the most usual films ever. However, you can make redscales out of it. I definitely prefer other films :D

  6. lokified
    lokified ·

    When I was in Munich I bought 20-odd rolls of Rossmann. At under three Euros for a pack of 3 rolls, I could not argue. :D

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