RECAP: Shoot Your Dream Camera @ LGS Toronto!

Dreams do come true! This workshop gives the opportunity to shoot with any camera in the Lomography store. Even though it was cold outside, it didn’t stop us from shooting!

Clad with three Lubitel s , one Diana F+ and a Horizon Perfekt we hit Queen Street West. Loaded with Lady Grey Black and White 400 ISO we explored the alleys and captured the all uniqueness. Soon our fingers we’re getting numb so we went to warm up with some hot chocolate. As we sipped our coco, we kept snapping inside the coffee shop! Check out the pictures below from the Horizon and the Diana F+ !!!

Our workshop participants discovered how remarkable the Lomo Lubitel 166+ and Horizon Perfekt truly is!! Both are fully manual cameras with all the exposure settings making them very versatile cameras. Our participants learned that with some patience they can shoot in any conditions. They were taught how to shoot long exposures with a sharp depth of field at f-stop 16 or even 22 and shooting shorter exposures with a smaller f-stop to achieve a dreamy shallow depth depth of field great for taking portraits. Even though we nearly froze our tushes off, we kept on shooting and we’re so happy with the results!

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