Furnas Lagoon (S. Miguel, Açores, Portugal)


In the beautiful S.Miguel island of the Azores you will find a wonderful lagoon located in a beautiful surrounding with hot streams from the earth core that have been used for generations by families to cook delicious stews.

The Azores islands are a wonderful and beautiful group of islands in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Known for their immaculate green nature, hot water beaches, and old costumes, they offer visitors a welcoming nature experience. These pearls of the Atlantic are formed by nine islands divided into three groups. Although each island is unique on its own. S. Miguel, the biggest island of the nine, is known among other things, by its several breathtaking lagoons. One of them is Furnas Lagoon.

What distinguishes this lagoon the most is what lies underneath it. Its volcanic origin is still present, and hot streams still reach the surface, in boiling “pots” of volcanic mud, the furnas or fumaroles. You will easily spot them by the white clouds of smoke that reach for the sky.

This is the place for a unique experience by which the Furnas Lagoon is perhaps known the most. A delicious stew cooked by the earth itself! In this place, hot streams from the earth’s core reach the surface, and several holes have been made on the ground, that serve no other purpose than volcanic cooking ovens.

Families fill a big pot with all kind of meat, potatoes, cabbage or whatever you want to throw inside. They then put the pots in the holes in the ground and leave the earth’s heat to cook it sweetly over several hours. People arrive early in the morning to place their pots and the whole family picks it up at lunch time to take it home or to eat it in a lovely picnic by the lagoon.

After lunch you can (and you should) go for a walk all around the lagoon. It’s a beautiful trail with beautiful sites and will help the digestion also. Through the trail along the lagoon, by the water and trees, you can really feel the wonderful atmosphere that surrounds this place. You will find several sightseeing places to the lagoon, some pontoons, a church, and great places to wet your feet in the water.

This is one of my favorite places, a memory of my childhood to which I always love returning to. I think you will love it too, as you will the whole experience in the Azores.

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    Great article and pictures of our beautiful lagoon :)

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