Water Tower in Marijampolė


I remember this water tower since i was a little kid. This hard and tight build, 100m red bricks beast is located 500m from my house (in the west corner of my city Marijampolė).

It was constructed in 1957 and was used till 1979 as primary water source for around living citizens. After 1979 it was closed as a water tower, but not like building and location. I still can remember me and my friends climbing to the top of it to enjoy eagle eye look. From the top, we where able to see whole city. Years has past and wooden tower stairs came not safe to climb. I have heard that some people felt down and were seriously injured, after that entrance to the tower was moored. Till now it stands in the middle of the empty field like lonely sad ghost.

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  1. panelomo
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  2. vicuna
    vicuna ·

    n°10 is a fantastic shot!!

  3. eyecon
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    A great story & location! I like # 12 the most!

  4. dogma
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    Thanks guys! :) I love this tower :D

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    Splendid gallery ! And nice text too...

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    NIce! So many variants of the same subject!

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    wow, number ten is beautiful, great job

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