The Best Dog-Friendly Oasis in Austin

Need to know the best place to let your precious pooch roam free in Austin? The answer of course is Red Bud Isle! Here your furry friends can trot around the trail, play in the water, and even enjoy some fantastic bird watching.

It’s a well known fact, among Austinites at least, that our fair city is a great place to live in if you enjoy the outdoors. I love being in the outdoors, and I especially love being outdoors with my dogs, and for me the best place in Austin to have the best of both worlds is the leash-free dog park called Red Bud Isle.

Red Bud Isle was formed in the middle of the Texas Colorado River in 1900 when one of Austin’s original dams was destroyed. All the rubble was just left there and now we have this amazing little park.

There is a great little trail that goes all around the isle, and a nice big grassy open area in the very entrance to the park. There are ample wooded areas, and also numerous easy spots for man’s best friend to play in the water.

There’s also plenty for us humans to enjoy too. Red Bud Isle is a great launching spot for canoes or kayaks, and is also a great spot for spotting all types of birds.

So, whether you live in Austin, or just visiting, you need to visit our very own Red Bud Isle!

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