The Legendary "London Park" Location Rumble! - Reprised!


Have you captured the sights and sounds of London’s Victoria Park? Proudly tell and show us what you saw in your vantage point!

Spanning over 80 hectares, Victoria Park in London’s East End is one of the locale’s most exquisite and culturally relevant attractions. From every nook and cranny, there’s something for everyone. Memorials, ponds, sports and open air musical events are just the tip of the iceberg for your shooting options in one of the best places to visit and feel the London vibe! “London Lomographers recently held a meet and greet there”:: and now its time to show off your best stories and pictures from the event!

These awesome prizes await the winners!

  • 1st place: The magnificent Diana Instant Back+ plus a cool feature interview as well!
  • 2nd place: 40 whopping piggies
  • 3rd place: 25 plump piggies

Go ahead now and submit your locations!

written by cruzron on 2009-06-02 #news #park #competition #rumble #location #london #meet-up #victoria-park


  1. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    Well I got mine in! Unfortunately my head wasn't screwed on and I've put all my pics in one bag, so to speak!

  2. panelomo
    panelomo ·

    Diana Instant Back+ for the winner --- wooooo!

  3. neja
    neja ·

    so, how was the part? please tell me

  4. kylewis
    kylewis ·

    So why is this being reprised and how does it effect those that got theirs in on time?! We don't have to put more in do we?
    Is there any way to see the submissions for this as I don't know if this is the one I submitted all the Diana+ picnic stuff to?

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