Do You Know How to Pose LoMo?

Major League Baseball’s Logan Morrison has sparked a new fad, and it’s called LoMoing, named after him, from joining the first two letters of his first and last name. While this idea that’s now spreading all over the internet is brand new, we’ve been ‘Lomoing’ the whole time… haven’t we! Read on to find out what the new trend is all about!

How do you LoMo? According to the Mashable’s article… Just lie on one side of your body, point your index finger and look into the camera. This practice was inspired by ‘Tebowing’, another sports meme that was coined by NFL quarterback Tim Tebow last year.

Image via Mashable

It’s the LoMo namesake, Logan Morrison, outfielder for the Major League Baseball team the Miami Marlins. Have you been a part of this new trend? If so, with a Lomography camera, we hope!

Images via Mashable

Check out some of Logan’s fans above, ranging from babies to mascots, LoMoing! The growing number of images, and some videos, on the internet can be attributed to Morrison’s request on Twitter for people to LoMo and share pictures with him of them doing so!

Credits: mattcharnock

Is she, perhaps… just perhaps… LoMoing? Perhaps, but one thing’s for sure, she’s definitely ‘Lomoing’ The Ten Golden Rules of Lomography is what it’s all about… and there’s no need to put your left hand in and then put your left hand out in order to be able to shake it all about! Live by your own rules which, conveniently, are our rules!

This article was inspired by an article in Mashable.

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