LC-A + NBA at the Moscow Streetball Competition

Last summer, NBA stars like Dwight Howard and Andrei Kirilenko attended a streetball competition in Moscow. They were invited to Russia as VIP guests and they played some tournaments too. See how the athletes’ visit went down in photos from my LC-A.

The competition took place near sport complex Luzhniki – they’d organized about 30 courts for playing 3×3 games, a main arena with noisy showman in it, places for the audience and for autograph sessions. Streetball is a version of basketball usually played outside, on half of the standard basketball court, played between two teams with 3 players each, but number of players can vary. It is an extremely active and passionated game for players such as for spectators. And it should be noted that a lot of people attended that show – it’s not every day you meet two super NBA stars on the court!

There were 2 days of games. During both days there were autograph sessions, slamdunk competitions, and even NBA masterclass with the pros. A number of kids from sports schools were invited on the floor and they had trained under the supervision of “Superman” Dwight Howard. It was very unusual to see the giant man playing on the court in person, five meters far from you; yes he is really huge guy!

So, that was a great basketball party on a sunny summer day. Unfortunately, our team hadn’t succeded in competition, but we spent a good time there. I really hope to see a lot more well-organized and interesting sport festivals here in Moscow. And play one day with Michael Jordan! =)

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written by in_search_of_answers on 2012-03-20 #lifestyle #summer #lc-a #russia #moscow #streetball #nba

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