Chinese New Year in Redscale!

Looming project submissions around the corner did not stop us from celebrating the Year of the Dragon!

This post might come a little late, but it was better than never as me and my friends here in Nottingham celebrate the Chinese New Year our way!

Credits: shuttersentinel17

Chinese New Year is not a holiday here in UK hence, on the first day of it which falls on a Monday, we still have classes as usual. Besides, most of us have a deadline on the week after too. However, on the day before which is the eve, we headed to our regular festive hangout at a friend’s place in Clifton. We planned for a simple steamboat reunion dinner – nothing beats it on a cold January day!

I used a Redscale film because during Chinese New Year everyone wears red, hence the film too! We prepared a few ingredients for the dinner, and we also had fun making our own dumplings.

Credits: shuttersentinel17

It was great knowing new friends and catching up with the ones we already knew! The dinner was great and we also had bubble milk tea, red bean soup, some traditional snacks and the usual packet drinks.

Credits: shuttersentinel17

The following weekend, another dinner was held at the city by the Malaysian Society of our university. It was fully subsidised and when we arrive, we were also given a packet of sweets (as a substitute for red packet) and a fortune cookie!

Credits: shuttersentinel17

The event was attended by all races of Malaysians studying and working in Nottingham and also a few locals! Credits to some of the girls too for dressing up in their traditional Cheongsam/Qipao which adds up the the atmosphere. There is even karaoke facility at the restaurant which played Chinese New Year songs from Hong Kong and everywhere as well, but the highlight everyone was waiting for is the lion dance – the committee managed to find a lion dance troupe in Nottingham!

Credits: shuttersentinel17

Although it was performed by local British lads they gave a heartfelt performance and everyone enjoyed the team’s appearance. At the end of the night after dinner, everyone headed to a nearby square in freezing temperature to release paper lanterns with wishes written on it. No photos because my film ran out unfortunately before that!

Even though we didn’t have our family members and relatives with us (and all those lavish meals) we did enjoy the company of our university friends and the unique atmosphere here in Nottingham. Here’s to a great year ahead in the Year of the Dragon!

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