Ilford's Pinhole Kit


Did you know that Ilford came up with its own Pinhole Camera? Read on to find out what this $254 photography kit comes with. If you don’t have that much moolah for a pinhole, you can make one using household items too!

To be objective, Ilford’s business hasn’t been going too well in the last decade. As most of us know, Ilford specializes in making film, photographic paper and developing chemicals. With the coming of digital cameras, Ilford, like many others including the now bankrupt Eastman Kodak, has struggled to keep the business going. They can rely only on conservative photographers who didn’t abandon film and, as certain articles put it, the new-born tribe of hipsters obsessed with anything out-of-the-ordinary. Possibly to intrigue and stimulate the latter consumer group, Ilford launched its own Pinhole Camera.

The Ilford Harman Titan Pinhole Kit features two plastic panels which make up for the body and the “lens,” a DIY cardboard exposure calculator, and 2 packs of negative and positive photographic paper (10 sheets per pack).

The camera itself features two spirit levels for even horizons, a tripod thread, and a smartphone holder which can be used for better framing of the shot.

Despite the rather simplistic features of the kit, it is valued at $254. The quality of the pictures is that of a typical pinhole—strong vignettes and not too sharp. The design and decorative factor, however, are impressive.

April is Pinhole Photography month and surely the best time to try it out if you haven’t already! Look around for tips on how to make your own camera or get one from the Lomography Shop!

Pinhole Art DIY 135 yields soft-focused and wide-angled images. With the help of white glue and few rubber bands, you can take extraordinarily dreamy shots in 35mm. Get your own Pinhole Art DIY 135 now!

The Hole-On-Ex is a palm-sized 35mm camera that you construct on your own. Shoot intense pinhole images and appreciate the mechanics of photography at the same time with the Hole-On-Ex Paper Pinhole Camera. Available in our Shop.

The Holga 120 Wide Pinhole Camera allows you to shoot wide-angled and soft-focused pinhole shots using 120 film. Pay tribute to the roots of photography and go lensless with the Holga 120 WPC!

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  1. adi_totp
    adi_totp ·

    I'm getting a pinhole camera ASAP :D

  2. antoniodezner
    antoniodezner ·

    I'd like to try negative paper... It appears to be very interesting...

  3. troch
    troch ·

    I picked up one of these a couple of months ago and love the 4x5 negatives and paper nagatives. It is officially called the Harman Titan Pinhole.

  4. angelhaken
    angelhaken ·

    Mike Walker designed this camera :)
    It is really really great ^___^ So if u can get one *g

    I got mine from mrcad in the Uk complete with a 4x5 film back and a little tripod. They had the best offer at that time Dez. 2011 but I think it is now available in the whole EU region maybee someone else has a better offer :)

  5. angelhaken
  6. pearlsphere-kameraliebe
    pearlsphere-kameraliebe ·

    If only I can get my hands on that photographic paper....

  7. iandevlinphoto
    iandevlinphoto ·

    My kit arrived last night all loaded up and ready for my holiday this weekend!

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