Frank Oscar Larson's Vintage New York Photographs

Black and white photographs of famous cities are always striking to every film photographer’s eyes and heart. Be captivated with Frank Oscar Larson’s candid snapshots of vintage New York City. Details after the break…

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Frank Oscar Larson was a street photographer who took numerous photographs in the streets of New York during the 1950s. He photographed the busy spots of the city such as the Bowery, Chinatown, Hell’s Kitchen, City Island, Times Square, and Central Park. His style may be likened to that of Diane Arbus and Helen Levitt, both of which were street photographers as well.

Recently, his grandson, Soren Larson, rediscovered his negatives (more than 100 envelopes of medium format images) which were traced way back in the 1920s.

To commemorate Larson’s New York street stories, The Queens Museum of Art will be exhibiting 60 of his candid but, nevertheless, moving monochrome snapshots. Some of the photographs that will be on display are the following:

Photos via FlavorWire

Frank Oscar Larson: 1950s New York Street Stories
The Queens Museum of Art
February 5th — May 20th 2012

Frank Oscar Larson contributed a lot to street photography. He documented the evolving face of NYC. Now, to see his photographs allows us to reimagine the vintage beauty of the city — that it was once alluring and very photogenic.

Images and information in this article were taken from FlavorWire and Queens Museum. To see more of his works, you may visit Frank Larson Photos.

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