DIY Splitzer for Fisheye

I am sure that everyone knows LCA+ and Diana F+ cameras have Splitzer as one of the accessories. But, have you ever dreamed of getting your own splitzer for Fisheye cameras? And you can get it for free! yeah, you read that, free! Just do-it-yourself your own splitzer at home.

To make your own Fisheye Splitzer, all you need to have is :

  • a card (preferably, not a thick one, I have the picture as an example)
  • a pair of scissors
  • pencil
  • ruler

Here are the steps:
1. Measure the diameter and circumference of the lens on the card
2. Cut out the circle a little bit more than what you have just measured. this is to ensure that there is some extra area so that it can be used to be wrapped around the lens later on.
3. Then, cut the upper half of the circle, so that the Splitzer can become a Splitzer.
4. Wrap the cut cards around the lens, and make sure the circle on the card is aligned with the lens.

Here are some examples of the photos that I have taken using my DIY Splitzer :)

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