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The Market St. Railway mural is a favorite among San Franciscans and travelers interested in History alike. Painted by Mona Caron the extensive mural, both in terms of size and decades it depicts, is appropriately located in Mission District, the city’s arts district.

Images via Mona Caron

Part of Mission Muralismo, an artistic movement that came about in the 1970s, the Market St. Railway mural depicts political and social changes throughout the last century using a semi-realistic cartoon form. The mural is viewed as a timeline, starting on the left with the 1920s, depicted in sepia, highlighting the chaos that ensued with the stock market crash, and continuing on through till… the future!

Images via Mona Caron

The riot on “Bloody Thursday,” July 5th 1934, is depicted in the section of the mural shown above. You can see the smoke from the teargas, feel the tone the artist has created with the red-wash, as the police repressed strikers of the historical 1934 West Coast Longshoremen's Strike where 2 were left dead. See the actual photographs of the events after their mural counterparts. The significance of the eighty-three day strike is that it led to the unionization of all the West Coast ports of the United States.

We suggest visiting the artist’s website for more photos and information or, even better, the district and mural in reality! And if you enjoyed this article, we suggest reading: Not Your Ordinary Alley: Clarion Alley San Francisco Street Art Photowalk.

Information for this article was taken from foundsf and juxtapoz.

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