Are You a Lover?

What constitutes being a lover? Being able to appear genuinely enamored in and out of photos? And, in deciding whether or not one is a lover, do we have to define the undefinable concept of ‘love’, first? Share your thoughts after the jump!

We aren’t asking you if those pictured here are lovers… They’re here for you to take a look at, create stories out of, and engage your state of ‘lover’ should you be one.

Credits: myriam-l

Are you a lover? How did you decide you were a person who loves… or did life decide for you?

Credits: superlighter

Are you a Lővér? Are you from Lővér, Romania, and, on top of that also a lover? If so, we’d love to meet you!

Credits: herbert-4

Do all your senses have to be engaged, to fully be a lover? Or, can you sit still, and still love and send love to others, recipients, lovers of you?

Credits: mizzfonky

Is being a lover part of a larger message that is able to transcend all else? Is it something that can be understood equally, by all nationalities? Brian Epstein sure thought so about the message the lovers, that were The Beatles, provided with their song All You Need Is Love, “It was an inspired song and they really wanted to give the world a message.”

Credits: mariehasnotoes, crimebaby, kokakoo & albeelee

Is there such as thing as an opposite of being a lover? There is no black and white. Images on black and white film of lovers depict them in both black and white color. Perhaps we are all a yin-yang, when it comes to being lovers and, because of this milk-coffee mixture, are better for it.

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