"Dignity No.3" Exhibition at the Swedish Textile Museum


A group of students from the Fashion and Textile Management program at The Swedish School of Textiles invite you to this year’s project exhibition “Dignity No.3”

”Fashion Imperialism”

Dignity is an ongoing yearly project of The Swedish School of Textiles where students investigate different phenomena in the global textile and fashion industry on site in different countries all over the world. Since the beginning, these research projects have had a cross-disciplinary character through the collaboration between management students from The Swedish School of Textiles and photojournalists from The Mid Sweden University.

The focus of this year’s edition of the project was how ideal meets reality and the global spreading of western fashion – could one speak of an ongoing “fashion imperialism”?

Seventeen students from the Fashion and Textile Management program at The Swedish School of Textiles were the heartbeat of this project. Divided into four teams, they investigated different organisation phenomena in India, Spain, Morocco, China and the United States. How can marketing be outsourced and what consequences does it have? What happens when fashion is adapted to local circumstances? Questions like these have led the work to conclusions on power structures, mutual dependence and a critical approach to global fashion business in general.

The project was documented through an array of different Lomographic cameras and films. Showcased in an exhibition at the Textile-museum are not only LomoWalls but also scrap-books, interviews and other artefacts.

A press presentation at the Textile Museum will take place on Friday, May 30th at 11 AM

written by katja on 2008-05-29 #news #fashion #event #lomowall #sweden

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