Kubrick's Space Odyssey as Animation

If you’re a Stanely Kubrick fan, this animation by motion designer Joe Donaldson is something that you should see.

Images via Flavorwire and 720 Frames

Stanley Kubrick has always been an inspiration for motion designer Joe Donaldson. One of Kubrick’s most notable films is 2001: A Space Odyssey and for one of Donaldson’s projects, he created a hand-drawn animation using some scenes from the movie. The science fiction movie deals with the past and future in contrast. The artist wanted to incorporate this on his work so he decided to combine two mediums — hand-drawn, and computer animation.

There are two sides to the process to come up with the final product – the hand-drawn elements and the ones that are rotoscoped. Unlike his other projects, he didn’t have an idea of what he wanted the final animation to be. As he went along and did the project, he just trusted that he would get good results. The idea behind it is that each element will not be able to function alone. Instead, they would complement each other for the project to work. The photos above show his workstation and some stills from the animation.

View the animation below:

2001: A Space Odyssey from Joe Donaldson on Vimeo.

Sources used for this article include Flavorwire and 720 Frames.

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