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Sculptor and installation artist Jenine Sheroes’ works have been displayed in many venues locally, and internationally. For one series, she made use of hair to create leaves. See more after the break.

Image via This is Colossal

Jenine Shereos has exhibited several installations in various galleries and art centers in Los Angeles, New York, and Boston. For a recent series, she made use of human hair to create delicate leaves. Each part of the leaf is carefully weaved, knotted and stitched together to achieve a certain pattern. The whole process is meticulously done. She begins the work by stitching strands of hair together onto a water-soluble backing. The backing eventually dissolves and the pieces of hair intertwined and knotted hold its shape.

Even though the artwork seems complex, she describes the work as meditative since she focuses on creating the leaf and gets lost in all the details. The Leaf series represents the organic patterns in nature that we see around us, and the circle of life and decay. This also comes across with the medium that she uses, which is human hair. Indeed, these leaves are magnificent pieces of analogue art.

Here are some images of the work that she has done:

Images via This is Colossal

Her other works include a series on lace, weaving and curtains. You can view more of her work on her official website.

The sources used for this article were This is Colossal and Jenine Shereos’ website.

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