The Electronic Instant Camera by Niklas Roy

Designer Niklas Roy developed a special kind of instant camera. He combined a Game Boy camera with a thermoprinter and pictures came out in real-time on paper that is usually used for bills and receipts. Now that’s funtography! Read on to see how he did it!

When I was 13, Nintendo launched a product that I found cooler and more desirable than any other thing that I could imagine, before puberty. At least before the appearance of Snake Mountain, the murky castle of He-Mans nemesis Skeletor, which my cousin got for his 8th birthday and never let me play with. Yes, Dennis! I will never forgive you!

Anyway, It’s about the Game Boy Camera! You could stick it on your Game Boy and shoot pictures and short videos with impressive 0.014 megapixels. The pictures could be printed with the corresponding Game Boy Printer.

Now the Electronic Instant Camera developed by Niklas Roy is based on a similar concept. The picture is shot by a black and white camera and is printed on thermopaper – the same that is used for the Game Boy Camera or for printers in supermarkets. Due to the fact that the picture is printed in real-time, the object has to be placed in front of the camera without moving for about three minutes.

Have a look!

The result is cool and extraordinary. This camera shouldn’t be missed in any avid analogue photographer’s camera collection.


Take a look at Niklas Roy's site to get more info on his projects.

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