Wes Anderson From Above


A Vimeo user has ingeniously created a short, featuring shots from a variety of Wes Anderson films. What’s so compelling about this? They are all ‘shots from above’, from a bird’s-eye view, and are super-short in duration. Most feature hands, or paws, flipping pages, or picking up things. The vibrant colors, and piano accompaniment add to this beautiful homage.

The video-sharing community user, known as ‘kogonada’, has compiled a bunch of clips from Wes Anderson’s movies to create the perfect ‘teaser’, if you will, for all the steadfast director’s films, as each one shares a similar aesthetic and features one or multiple ‘flawed characters’, otherwise known as everyday people. Of his characters, the hands of the Tenenbaums and Mr. Fox, from Fantastic Mr. Fox, can be seen in the video montage.

Melancholic, perhaps, or just as close to reality as you can get while still maintaining your position as the audience. Hidden behind black leather gloves, food stains, fur, and blood, these hands are representative extensions of the wholes they represent. So, we hope you enjoy this series of clips, as freeze frames, and in its entirety, as much as we have!

This article was inspired by an article in the Huffington Post.

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