Love at First Lomo: Falling in Love in Paris


In Paris, I not only had a romantic week with my sweetheart. I also fell in love with the Diana F+.

Credits: trychydts

I was a digital guy by nature. I loved needle-sharp foregrounds, depth of field chosen with 1-mm precision, and wonderfully blurred backgrounds. This is what has changed in Paris.

For the trip, I purchased a strange plastic camera at a design fair. I bought it because of it’s pinhole functionality — on a photography course I heard that infinite depth of field can provide very interesting results. The machine was a Diana F+. There was a book inside with some interesting photos. I loved their style, I was really touched by their spontaneous beauty, but I decided that something simliar could be achieved in digital, too. I loaded a roll of film, and I packed the camera.

I was shooting tons of digital pictures in Paris — and was shooting around with the Diana when I felt like experimenting. I did not know what to expect — in analogue photography, you do not see the results immediately. You have to wait until you process your films — and since I came back ill, I took a while until I could slide the CD with the scanned pictures into my computer. And my breath was taken.

Credits: trychydts

Most possibly this is not a perfect photo — not even perfect in the inherently imperfect Diana way. But it does shows someone I love — in an extremely, uniquely lovely way. The soft blur, the slightly uncertain focus, the harsh lights and deep shadows, the characteristic vignetting — all multiplied the romantic value of the photo for me. It became much more intimate, much more romantic — and I felt this is something I cannot set aside.

Credits: trychydts

First I started using a Diana adapter for my Canon — and although it did the magic and brought some Diana flavor to my photos, it was not enough. Every time I looked at my film photos, it was clear that I want the gorgeous, luscious feel of the pictures shot on emulsion. So soon before I could realize what was happening, I was the owner of several Diana objectives, a flash adapter and a 35mm-back.

Now I do not have my digital camera with me in my bag anymore. I shoot more pictures from my everyday life then ever — it starts to become a really interesting project. Not to mention that I already started organizing my first Diana studio shoot. It could be the perfect companion for a classy Hollywood portrait adventure.

Credits: trychydts

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  1. emperornorton
    emperornorton ·

    I usually spend my first week with a camera getting mad at it until it sinks in how to use it.

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