NickyDigital's Eye-POPping Pop 9 Gallery!

This month, Nickydigital, New York City’s mustachioed-man who ‘Puts on the Ritz’ for every great party, took the Pop 9 camera to each venue… near, far and everywhere in between.

Nickydigital, New York City’s party man extraordinaire, has been chatting up hipsters at every fashionable event… from parties, to hot springs in Iceland, throughout space and beyond. Over the past year he has been doing his best to follow the 10 Golden Rules, specifically, Rule #01, “Take your camera everywhere you go”. This month, Nicky grabbed his new plastic gal, the Pop 9, capturing some amazing moments, showing off its multiple imaging capabilities and its unparalleled way of seeing the world.

Take a look at the cream of the captures below.

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written by alexandrak on 2009-06-02 #news #lomo-amigo #nickydigital #diary #pop-9 #nicky

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