Fritz the Blitz Flash - Light Up the Dark!


The Fritz the Blitz flash is a must have for anyone who might ever find themselves taking pictures inside, at night, during winter, on the moon…

I was lucky enough to receive a Fritz the Blitz flash complete with color filters (and a La Sardina) for Christmas. It is absolutely massive, giving it a very retro look. To add to this, there’s one to match the patterns of all the La Sardinas as well as one in classic black that can also be used with any camera that can take the adapter kit.

Of course, my glee upon opening this gift was soon interrupted by the realization that I needed a battery to use it and there were none to be found (or to be bought as it was Christmas Day). Of course, not one of the pictures I took indoors without the flash came out. The wait was worth it though, because once that flash was fully loaded and ready to shoot, the fun really began.

Credits: tofutiff

The orange, blue, yellow, and white filter options all add a splash of color to what would otherwise have been plain old shots.

Credits: tofutiff

This flash has 3 different strengths. One for very close up (labelled with a picture of a fly), one for normal portrait distance (labelled with a face), and one for further distances (labelled with a picture of 3 people). This feature is fantastic and makes for especially interesting shots when the “wrong” setting is used. Up close, the brightest setting can create an overexposed look – even in the darkest of places (like a night club) and with low ISO films (like Fuji Velvia 100).

Credits: tofutiff

The green light that tells you when it’s warmed up also serves as a test button. This means that you can set the flash off with out pushing the shutter button at all! So if you love to take pictures everywhere you go, refuse to wait until the summer sun is shining to snap away, or can’t resist a little color splash here and there, the Fritz the Blitz flash could be your best friend in the world.

Credits: tofutiff

written by tofutiff on 2012-02-08 #gear #low-light #fritz-the-blitz #accessory #filter #retro #review

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