Quickie Tipster: Developing Photos Later is Not a Bad Thing


Money is tight and the purse strings mean we might have to wait a bit longer to develop our photos! So what? Makes for more of a suprise when you finally get them back!!

The world economy is difficult to say the least and its hitting the pocket hard. That means some of us lomographers might have to wait until the next payday to develop photos! I recently had to wait two months for some photos due to Christmas, but WOW I found the photos I forgot I had taken! Unlike the digital boys and girls we have the fun of wondering what we are going to get! I say dont develop the photos until you forget what you have taken!

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  1. megdouglas
    megdouglas ·

    Completely agree! I have several films tha tI', saving for a rainy day. I'm in my last year of college until I head off for a degree and I've been taking rolls and rolls of film of my friends and I together, the week before we go I'm going to uni I'm going to get them all done in one go and we'll have a final day together reminising and having a great time while lookign throught he photos :)

  2. thatguyalex
    thatguyalex ·

    I was just talking to my friend about this the other day!

  3. candy_1006
    candy_1006 ·

    Totally agree!!!! I always forget what i've taken and that's surprise!!!

  4. mrmostarr
    mrmostarr ·


  5. linusbm
    linusbm ·

    I have 9 rolls waiting and 4 in use right now. Can't wait to develop them!

  6. williamhobbs
    williamhobbs ·

    I have two rolls of film from 2008, I took them on a trip to the Isle of Wight when I was 12. I'm going to get them developed soon and I have COMPLETELY forgotten the photos I took.

  7. chipmunk
    chipmunk ·

    I completely agere as well. I usually have at least four rolls when I go to get them developed, and am usually always surprised by what's on there :) When people ask me why I bother with analogue photography instead of (only) digital, this is one of my arguments for; the surprise element! Both because you might have forgotten what you've photographed, but you may also be surprised at how a certain photo you do remember taking, turned out. With digital, you can just see it straight away, and retake the photo, but with analogue you have to wait for the exciting outcome :)

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