Love at First Lomo: Falling in Love with the LC-A


This is the story of the day my love affair with the wonderful world of Lomography began. Read on!

On a gloomy day in October 2010, I stumbled across an advert for a Lomo walk in London, hunting space invaders (mosiac-tiled invaders which can be found in cities all over the world). As I love a bit of street art, I bought tickets for me, my boyfriend, his brother and mine along with my nephew, not really knowing what the day would involve. .

Credits: lamp

Saturday 23rd October arrived and our group arrived sheepishly at the Lomo store in Soho. At this point, none of us really knew much about Lomography and while we fancied our digital camera skills, we hadn’t “gone analogue” for some years! We were handed a map, a whole load of film & an LC-A which we had no idea how to use. More people arrived and soon, we had about 7 groups of people all ready to head off for the next 6 hours, hunting space invaders and taking shots.

The aim of the day was not only to find the most invaders, but to take interesting shots of them as there would be prize once we returned to the store. So off we went, eager beavers!

Credits: lamp

After a full on day of walking and taking pictures, we returned to the Lomo store. Our films were handed in for developing and once returned, we were pleasantly surprised that we had actually managed to get some good shots!! At this moment, I remembered the excitement of having film developed and fell in love with the LC-A. Looking round the Lomo store, my eyes were opened to lots of other cameras, all of which intrigued me.

Credits: lamp

However, it wasn’t until Christmas day 2010 that I got my first Lomo camera; a coloursplash. That started me off and since then, my collection has grown and grown along with my love for analogue photography!
Having spent 2011 snap happy, I’m looking forward to continuing my love affair throughout 2012 too!

Credits: jonzy & lamp

What was the first Lomo camera you owned and fell in love with? Share your stories and check out our requested posts for this month to earn more Piggies! Meanwhile, you can check out other Love at First Lomo stories from our community members.

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