Love at First Lomo: The Lomography Fisheye One and Me


This is a love story of a girl, a camera, and their happy adventure ever since being united! To be more specific, it is how I became deeply in love with my first Lomography camera ever, the Lomography Fisheye!

Often I would sit at my boyfriend’s computer, “ooh-ing” and “ahh-ing” at the amazing 170-degree visions before me. There was something about these photos that I absolutely adored! Somehow, this distorted version of reality seemed so much more real to me than actual reality. One beautiful day (my 19th birthday) my boyfriend introduced me to my own special Lomography Fisheye Woodgrain! He stared up at me from his bubble-box, I stared back in awe, and it was love at first sight!

The next few days were a feverish whirlwind of photo-taking! My own tour-de-snap shot. I took to the streets, the zoo, supermarkets, the city and my own home. Colour, B&W, single and double exposures! I couldn’t get enough! Nearly two years on now and we still maintain a very healthy relationship. Often we will take little quiet walks together, attend crazy parties or simply chill with friends. Although my camera collection continues to grow extensively, my sweet little fisheye will always have that special place in my heart. It offers so much creative freedom.

With a host of new films at my fingertips, and many new techniques found here on Lomography we are about to set off on a brand new adventure! The excitement is overwhelming! Why don’t you take a little adventure of your own?

Lomography’s Fisheye One is the world’s first compact 35mm fisheye camera. With a sweeping 170-degree view and slamming colours and contrasts, the Fisheye One will certainly give you great circular shots every time. See it with the rest of our Fisheye cameras here!

written by bug on 2012-02-06 #lifestyle #love #favourite #lomo #fisheye #170-degree

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  1. trychydts
    trychydts ·

    A very nice story -- compact, well-written and personal. Thanks for sharing your little love story. :)

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