Imaginary Beings Drawn Into Society

Belgian, Jérôme Meynen is part of the ‘Hell’O Monsters’ collective. His drawings, that are either Indian Ink, or acrylic on paper, show hybrid characters including multiple-eyed monsters and mutated animals. Though seemingly grotesque, they play on our affections owing to the dream like setting they are cast in.

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Hello’O Monesters’ blog cites the Book of Imaginary Beings by Jorge Luis Borges as the inspiration for the “universe of monsters that form and re-form themselves, according to the adventures they are faced with.” According to Hello’O Monesters’, “despite their colorful and happy look, are in fact caustic commentaries on the adult world, human nature and society.”

Image via flickr

Just check out the intricate map, above, of a bustling part of monster town! The adventures range from balancing acts to fishing. A lot of these adventures are depressing, as can be observed from the exhausted, listless, creatures, innards spilling out, curled up in the fetal position, cuffed around the neck to chains, driven by a cruel employer made up of a million eyeballs for a more-than-heavy surveillance. Meynen has done well in juxtaposing the amicable, soft, baby pinks, blues and yellows with the grave, black ink, often faceless, creations.

Good because they are tameable and can live in the modern world, or is this considered lamentable because they can’t be their true selves… We’ll let you be the judge!

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