Remembering That Analogue Summer


What better way to remember those hot summer days than with underwater photography. Now Lomography helps me to forget that we are 5 degrees and experiencing very cold weather! And the fact is that the summer was very Lomographic!

An underwater camera (5 euros, fim included) bought in a supermarket, a large water tank (pool or sea) and the wish to discover how the underwater world is, are the only things needed in summer to pass a really fun afternoon!

Credits: carlosbull

The fact is that I’ve always loved underwater photography, I guess because they’re diffrenet, because you can photograph impossible postures or movements, because everything is much different and fun.

Credits: carlosbull

The underwater photography also gives us great moments as strange faces and expressions, bellies that shouldn’t have appeared … everything! I guess this reel is not my best, but it makes me smile, although photography for me is a way to create, sometimes it’s also a way to remember, to relive the good times lived. And these photographs bring to my mind good times, good and funny.

Credits: carlosbull

It was a summer half-way between swimming pool and beach, here you can see all the photos, and I guess anything I tell you. But still, there’s a part neither the words nor photographs can express. At this point, I totally recommend an underwater camera for you to use in the summer and we can all have cool photographs!

written by carlosbull on 2012-02-10 #lifestyle #water #swimming #summer #pool #underwater #spain #piscina #verano #remember
translated by carlosbull

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  1. skrutt
    skrutt ·

    Oh, I wish summer will come soon! So I can use my underwater camera for real! Not just in the shower or bath tub! :P

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