The Tactile Workshops

Keep your hands off! Don’t touch! Isn’t it interesting how we hardly ever say ’don’t listen’ or ‘avert thine eyes!’ Well, perhaps, but not to the extent of the first two exclamatory remarks, when speaking to children. Bruno Munari’s educational book ‘The Tactile Workshops’ contain highly sensory visuals that show his design savvy nature as well as call into question the role of the sense of ‘touch’.

These lovely prints are from the book The Tactile Workshops by Bruno Munari, cover seen below.

Image via atelierpourenfants

Tactile (adj.): Of or connected with the sense of touch.

Munari was an Italian artist and designer and, based on this book, a Pedagogue! An upholder of the didactic method of education, the book showcases his workshops, with children participants, in which ‘the sense of touch’ was the focus. Targeted at educators and parents, Munari’s book aims to pose the question, “what occurs in the mind when one comes in physical contact with an object without the use of their vision?”

Images via atelierpourenfants

The black and white photos show kids engaging in simple activities, such as running their fingers over tactile/touch boards while their other senses, namely visual, aren’t in play. Interestingly, these black and whites are dashed with bright, highly saturated, colors, in order to engage one’s visual stimuli and highlight objects, such as the tactile boards, being played with by the children. From viewing these photos, it may come as no surprise that Munari worked as a graphic designer for many years, contributing immensely to the entire visual arts field.

It only makes sense that we tracked down images from this designer’s book on a design blog, from which we drew the inspiration for this article.

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