A Wild Jungle Party at Lomograpy Gallery Store Amsterdam

Thursday, January 29th, we had some exotic visitors in the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. The Diana F+ Zebra, Diana Mini Leopard and Fisheye No.2 Python had escaped the zoo! A wild party was what followed, including cocktails, binoculars, camo-outfits, and snacks.

Credits: lomographybenelux

The three natives were given a very warm welcome in the oh-so-cold Dutch winter at the Lomography Gallery Store Amsterdam. Our crew made sure the temperature was high and the party was going at full throttle. Fresh tropical cocktails where slung by bartenders that made Tom Cruise jealous and the beats that our house DJ, Mr.Zoe (for the occasion, renamed to DJ ZOO) were dishing out made sure the temperature would stay up. Next to some delicious drinks there where some awesome snacks in an animalistic theme.

Credits: lomographybenelux

Our store staff was entirely in style, Slick Rick Jos slaughtered a snake to wear as a shirt and Indiana Joël Jones was ready to go on another jungle adventure.

Slick Rick Jos and Indiana Joël Jones

Want to see more of these gorgeous animal editions? Click the names below to see these purr-fect cameras!

Diana F+ Zebra
Fisheye No2. Python
Diana Mini Leopard
La Sardina Snake Editions

Of course we also had our own Richard Attenborough moment and we made a wildly fantastic documentary using the LomoKino

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