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There are those who are born knowing what they are meant to do in their life, while others struggle to find their own path. Savita – or better known as freckleface – had it tough and have to deal with a few issues of her own, but fate has its own way and she was saved by a tiny plastic Lomographic camera.

Credits: freckleface

Name: Savita Reininger
LomoHome: freckleface
Location: State College, PA

Tell us a story in which Lomography or the Lomographic Community has been a great part of.

As I was growing up, I was never the talented child. My brother excelled in sports, my older sister wrote amazing poetry and created enchanting paintings, my little sister could make beautiful music out of every instrument she picked up, and then there was me; the mischievous and seemingly talentless one.
When my friend first introduced me to her Holga 135BC, I knew that I had found something special. I immediately bought one and after a month of timidly reading tipsters and articles on, I finally worked up the courage to join.

I do not have a one memory that stands out to me since I’ve joined this Community, but more a compilation of experiences that led to my self discovery. For the first time in my life I’m excited about what I can create. I’ve never seen such beauty in photography before, like how I see on Lomo. It’s inspiring yet intimidating but most of all, the analogue world is limitless. Going on Lomography gives me a drive and motivation for my day that I hadn’t known of before I joined.

What are the emotions that best explain this story you have? What are your thoughts about it?

I feel blessed to have found this virtual home in which I know reside. The encouragement and warm hearted words of the people I’ve met on here have made me feel like maybe I can strive for talent. I get so excited about projects I think up and relish the planning process up until I shoot. It’s definatly a positive addition to my life!

If ever this experience did not occur in your life, what kind of person are you right now? Are you not the same person without this experience?

People are constantly growing and evolving. I am the same person as I’ll ever be, but as time goes by I pick up more things and learn new lessons in life. In that respect, yes, I have changed since joining this Community. Lomography has given me the confidence I needed to step out in the world and try new things I thought I would never be any good at (and sometimes I really am rubbish but I never regret having tried it.. ahem.. singing.) I’ve changed into a person that can finally appreciate art and that now thrives off of it.

And now, these are my Lomographic adventures thus far:

Credits: freckleface

I took this picture with my first analogue camera, my Holga 135BC. This was the first roll I took that actually turned out (I had a very frustrating beginning in Lomography). When I look at it, I can now see a ton of different things that I could have done better at the time. But I’m glad I took this picture when I didn’t know better, because it is perfectly flawed. I enjoy the movement of the background and the movement of the subject. It’s chaotic and lovely and fits perfectly into my own little world.

Credits: freckleface

This picture is very important to me. It marks my first photographic accomplishment. Before this picture I would just snap pictures randomly and not put too much thought into my composition. When I did my Red Riding Hood series I thought about it for weeks! Thinking of venues and poses and gathering all the materials I needed. But more importantly it was the first time I was actively trying to convey a mood and thought which has become a prevalent theme in my work now.

Credits: freckleface

I love playing around with light. This photo reminds me of something I would see at an outdoor festival/concert. It takes me to a completely different place everytime I look at it. Also, I don’t express myself through words very well, so what I usually try to do in my work is to convey a message or perhaps evoke an emotion. That’s why I love Putting my pictures up on the site is revealing a very intimate part of myself and perhaps my photos tell people about what kind of person I am. It’s a concept I’m still getting used to, but very exciting nevertheless.

Credits: freckleface

I’ve been getting into some black and white photography recently. After reading countless articles on about masks, I finally worked up the courage to do one of my own. Unfortunatly I can now only do masks on my Canon, since I broke my Holga trying to put a mask on her (so sad!). What I like about this photo is the whimsical quality the animals portray against the stark contrast of the dirt mask which looks like a sinister disease rapidly spreading.

Credits: freckleface

Continuing with my hunger for black and white, I shot this fun series. I shot doubles of my boyfriend by his parents house and childhood play spots. It’s interesting to me how the world around me is full of color, but as soon as I load B&W film into my camera, everything changes and I start seeing things much differently. When shooting monochrome, world becomes raw and filled with dark stories. This picture epitomizes that mood and thought I enter in with B&W. I look forward to doing a lot more with this film in the future!

Every shot is captured not only having the intention of exposing a good frame, but also recording the time and space that was spent with it: a shutter button is pressed, a story is about to start. And through LomoDiary is where it is being told. Every month, we talk to one of our very esteemed member from the Community to share with us stories behind their Lomographs. Want to be our next storyteller? Drop us a line then at

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    "I’ve never seen such beauty in photography before, like how I see on Lomo." Nice quote :) super article :)

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