Seoul City Guide - Night On the Town Call Out!


That’s right, we’re already starting work on a Lomography City Guide for the wonderful city of Seoul – that bustling metropolis where traditional Eastern practices mesh seamlessly with modern technology! What’s even more important is that we want you to be a part of it! Read on to find out how!

Lomograph by ccwu

If you want to be a part of this amazing book, then now is the time to start submitting your Seoul LomoLocations! Maybe you already have some great pictures of this unique city hiding somewhere in your LomoHome, if so then why not put together an article and be in with the chance of being featured in the book! Want an idea of what sort of places you can submit? Then, just look here.

Lomograph by ccwu

Our First Call-Out: Seoul’s Bustling Nightlife

For our first call-out we’re focusing on Seoul’s famous nightlife scene – whether you prefer the bars of Itaewon, the clubs of Apgujeong – we want to see all your favourite after-dark places to hangout!

All you have to is choose your photos, write your articles and submit them as Locations articles. Aside from sharing your Locations stories and of course, analogue pictures too, make sure to tag your each entry with “cityguide” and “Seoul” to make it’s eligible for the extra 5 piggies that we’ll be giving to those who will participate in our city guide callouts. As these are requested posts for the month, you’ll already get 10 piggies for each approved article and a bonus 5 by simply tagging it with “cityguide” and “Seoul”. That’s a total of 15 piggies for each approved city guide article!

Lomograph by yoonash

What should I include?

All you need is at least 5 great pictures of your Location, then simply add a couple of paragraphs explaining what it is about this place you love, instructions how to get there and you’re ready! See below for more detailed information.

How to get involved:

- To see all the sections that will be included in the Lomography City Guide Seoul, take a look here for more information
- If you’re not sure of what a location should look, our handy dandy step-by- step guidelines will help walk you through it with ease.
- Upload 5 or more great photos (higher resolution the better – your photos should have at least 1200 pixels in either width or height)
- A couple of paragraphs containing four or more sentences each on why you love your location and why people should check it out.
- The exact address of where it’s located and how to get there.
- Also, DON’T FORGET to tag your location with “city guide” and “seoul” so we can pull them out easily and provide you with an extra 5 piggies.

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  1. roonandbeks
    roonandbeks ·

    Whats the deadline for entries?

  2. devoncaulfield
    devoncaulfield ·

    @roonandbeks You still have a few weeks to get your submissions in but the sooner the better! :)

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