Where I'd Love to Spend my Valentine's Day

Where are you bringing your date this Valentine’s Day? If you haven’t thought of a place yet, and if you live in the Philippines, then Laguna has got the perfect spot for you and your date! Learn about it after the break.

I’ve watched countless of romantic dramas and movies, both local and foreign ones, and honestly, I’m getting burned out from all those let’s-go-have-a-dinner-at-a-fancy-restaurant dates, or those long, romantic walks in the park or by the shore (although I’d have to say that’s one thing I’d love to experience someday), and all the other stuff most on-screen couple do. Yes, they may be romantic but us girls love surprises! So, the next time you set up a date with your special someone, instead of bringing her to her favorite coffee shop, why don’t you take her to an amusement park instead and get giddy and thrilled together? Now, I think that’s way more romantic! Plus 10 points for you if you agree!

We may not have a franchise of Disneyland or Universal Studios in my country, but that’s okay. It’s not yet the end of the world! At least we have our very own Enchanted Kingdom!

Enchanted Kingdom is a theme park located in Sta. Rosa, Laguna, a two hour-drive (or less, if you get lucky!) from Manila, the Philippines’ capital city. It has over 30 rides and attractions to choose from; from amusement arcades to horror house to food stalls and souvenir shops to heart-stopping rides to 4D film theater and kart trak. Name it, EK has it! With this, I’m sure you and your date will have a great time at EK!

To help you with your date plan, here are some things I recommend you to try with your special someone:

Get your feet moving in the Swan Lake and hold her hand while pedaling to make the moment sweet and romantic. Just make sure you don’t take her to the corner where there’s a small fall/fountain. You don’t want to spoil her day, do you?

Moving on, make her heart skip a beat by taking her to the highest ride of the park, the Wheel of Fate. Let her see the beauty of Sta. Rosa, Laguna while on top.

Get wet and wild in one of EK’s most famous rides, the Rio Grande Rapids! Or if you want to have a quiet moment together, with just the two of you alone, take her to Jungle Log Jam instead. And while waiting in line, she may get hungry and thirsty so buy her something to eat paired with an ice-cold chocolate drink or orange juice from the nearby food kiosk.

Now here’s a not-so-secret tip, if you want to dry yourself off after, ride the Flying Fiesta or Roller Skater, or if you two are feeling more adventurous, try the Space Shuttle Max, the Philippines’ first roller coaster that has three loops. You may also try kart racing if that’s your thing. Or if you’re feeling extra brave and fearless, go inside the Shake Rattle and Roll: The Experience!!! (SRR:X!!!) haunted house and I’m sure you’ll score a hug from her, or better yet, a kiss, when you reach the end of the attraction. Sounds awesome, doesn’t it?!

Call it a night by watching together the spectacular fireworks display that EK features during weekends and holidays. Now, go kneel, reach for her hand, and ask her the question! Oh wait, I remember it’s only a date and not a proposal! Haha, I got so carried way I thought you wanted to ask for her hand forever.

So, to my future boyfriend, you now know where to take me. Kidding! But on a serious note, at the end of the day, remember it doesn’t matter if you took her to a movie house or to a street food stall, what’s important is that, you had fun together.

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