Valentine’s Day Photography Tips


Romance is in the air as Valentine’s Day is fast approaching! You have your film rolls and cameras ready. Now what? Read on for some Valentine’s Day film photography tips!

Look out for spontaneous moments.
Be observant and try to capture rare and spontaneous moments around you. You must have the patience for this, since those moments don’t come often but when they do, you’ll sure have a winning shot!

Use props.
Valentine’s Day is all about romance. Use props to liven up your photos and make them extra special. Some ideas are balloons, confetti, flowers, etc. You can also use backdrops or costumes if you wish.

Focus on the subject.
Choosing backgrounds that are too busy might take the focus away from your subject. Try to choose locations or backdrops that will complement your subject.

Natural lighting.
Use natural light as much as you can when taking photos. Natural light can add to the romantic feel of your photos. Try taking photos during dusk or dawn for magical photos.

Capture silhouettes.
To really get the mood on for Valentine’s, take silhouettes. You might be surprised at how romantic these silhouette photos can look!

Here are some Valentine’s photos from our community:

Credits: econ1, orangebird, liquidpapercut, tomkiddo, minniegoodsoup, anarchy, fivedayforecast & mattcharnock

Do you have other Valentine’s Day shooting tips that you’d like to share with us? Leave a comment below. If you already have Valentine’s Day photos, check out our LomoWall of Love Rumble and get your creative juices flowing! You just might be one of the 10 lucky winners!

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