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Peter Mercell is seeking action again! As it can be seen in his work, he found a great liking in LomoKino . Love at first shot.

Some time ago we’ve presented to you our LomoAmigo, photographer, skateboarder and lomographer Peter Mercella. Here you can check-out interview about Peter+Lomography. http://www.lomography.sk/magazine/lomoamigos/2011/11/26/pn-fotiek-peter-mercell
Peter could shot only a few videos so far but clearly he found a keen for it . He revealed us a few tips and tricks that stand behind these great vids.

Would you tell us about your process, Peter?
I use B&W Lomography Lady Grey film. I’m developing myself in Agfa R09 developer. Some Labs in Slovakia are useless… Last time they told me that 120 film doesn’t exist anymore. That is why I’m glad to process films myself.

And how do you proceed after developing?What is your approach to postproduction?
I’m scanning my negatives on scanner Cannon 8800f as a RAW, edit in photoshop. No major modifications, just make shure black is black and white is white. Then I cut all shots to same aspect ratio. For animations I use Adobe Premier.

Some other tips and triks?
I really like to play with a sounds, to record my own and then synchronize through Adobe Premier. I use very cheap flash brand Young i think, I set it on manual and weaker intensity. This way I’ve managed to shoot in interiers with great outocme. Next time I’ll try wireless triggering system.

How do you present yourself?
I post my videos to Chavala vimeo where you can all see them. There is more to come!

Any reations for what you are doing?
Yeah, people liked them. Some say I’m crazy, propably due to my last idea with hair cutting.

Tell us something about that piece?
Well I’ve finally found a girlfriend. I’m happy obout it and this is the result.

What are the other videos about?
The Christmass is about family comfort, I think you can feel that. A party rock is a celebration of friends birthday, bowling, friends, fun.

What are your other plans with LomoKino?
I’m going to see Prague and Munich so maybe some reports fro these cities.

Do you have some message for young analogue directors?
I don’t know but you should look at it as new difrent medium. It’s not about one photo but whole unit . It should contain some idea, action and atmosphere. So maybe try to create a movie, not moving picture.

bq. Bringing analogue back to the movies with a bang in the 21st century, the LomoKino is a Lomography movie camera that shoots spectacular, creative movies on all kinds of 35mm film. Head to the Microsite, watch some Movies and begin your analogue movie-making journey today!

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  1. ntpsousa
    ntpsousa ·

    I love my lomokino too xD It's just amazing... And when I restarted on analogue, several labs told me almost the same: "no one uses film anymore", "you won't find a place that will develop your films", "we don't sell film anymore because they just stop producing it"... And then I find Lomography, I realized how wrong they were xD

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