Bankski Is the Russian Banksy


Moscow street artist ‘P183’ has gained attention recently for his Banksy-esque graffiti murals. He’s been dubben the Russian Banksy and affectionately as ‘Banksi’ and his works comprise a variety of styles and can be considered more raw and out-there than the famous, British street artist and, likely, influence.

Images via 183art

Check out P183’s gallery of works, some large, stretching across the entire breadth and height of a building side, and some small, the size of baby-dolls. P183 was relatively unknown outside Moscow or the Russian LiveJournal community on which he is an active member, until the Daily Mail published an article on his work earlier this week, stating that artwork he’s been leaving around the Russian capital is “flamboyant guerilla art”.

Images via 183art

His works range from the more ‘traditional’ graffiti murals on walls and old, grey, street dividers, to mixed media installations. For instance, the first 3 images in the above gallery show portrait projections on smoke.

While the comparison to Banksy and nickname are prescribed to him by the art world we can’t help guessing Banksi would cite Banksy among his influences.

Information for this article was taken from Flavorwire and Daily Mail.

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  1. superlighter
    superlighter ·

    who is Banksy?

  2. bloomchen
    bloomchen ·

    @superlighter: if you´re serious: the guy who painted the bobby one the right:

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    @bloomchen i was joking of course! :)))

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