How Long Can You Go? Workshop @ Lomography Gallery Store Singapore

We love those long light trails.. We love the street light. We love it all, we wanna capture it all on a saturday night! come join us for the exciting long trail light painting. So, How looooooooooooooong can you go? Depends on You!

photo by thenucleartomato

Let’s be honest. We are all dying to get the perfect long exposure lomographs. Have you stood with tripods and Diana F+ /La Sardina / Fisheye No.2
, holding your shutter release while sipping some coffee, trying to get funky car light streaks, and not getting the picture you imagined? Fear not! We are here to the rescue. Get the low-down on how to get some of your very own lomography long-exposures.

We have a great honor to do this workshop within one of our regular customers and community member, Mark Lim.

photo by thenucleartomato

Please RSVP for workshops as space are extremely limited. Email your name, contact and the workshop title to

All workshops cost $10 and include a loaner camera and a roll of film. Bring your own camera to use during the workshops and get 50% off the admission fee. All attendees will receive a 10% off coupons to use at the Lomography Gallery Store. Please arrive 10 minutes before the workshop is scheduled to begin in order for us to start on time!

How Long Can You Go? Workshop
Lomography Gallery Store Singapore
295 South Bridge Road #01-01
+65 6223 8850
February 18, 2012 (19:00 — 20:30)

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