Picnic on the Take-off Strip

The former area of Belin-Tempelhof Airport is now a park at the heart of Berlin and is available for everyone to relax and enjoy some free time activities. As usual in this city, history and modern lifestyle are closely intertwined: you can lie back, chilling out with a fresh beer on the take-off strip of a heritage airport, welcome to Berlin!

Everyday, hundreds of Berliners and tourists enjoy the area of the former airport Berlin-Tempelhof. The nearly four square kilometers huge (three times the size of Hyde Park) Tempelhof Field is the largest inner city park in Europe.

The area of Tempelhof Field is perfect for free time activities such as skating with a panoramic view that will take your breath away, kite surfing on the grass, taking a walk or cycling on the 6km cycling ring, running on the jogging trail and so on. If you want to just chill out, there is a 2.5-hectare BBQ area, a dog-walking field covering around four hectares, an urban farm, and an enormous picnic area for all visitors.

Until few years ago, Tempelhof was a fully functioning airport (I landed there up in 2001!) located in the south of Berlin. The authorities had repeatedly tried to close it down and after a succession of court cases and appeals they finally did in 2008.

The Tempelhofer Field and the Airporta buildings are closely connected with German aviation history and are now one of the most spectacular and historically significant event locations in Europe.

More info and history:
Tempelhofer Freiheit

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