Galiano Island (British Columbia, Canada)


The Gem of the Gulf Islands in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. This Island is a 25 min drive from Vancouver, then a quick 1 hr hop in a ferry and your there. When you arrive you’ll notice the complete change in the pace of life here.

The wildness and beauty is truly amazing. I stayed for a week in a cottage and there are so many great places to visit on the island, one of the highlights is Buffs park which over looks the other Gulf Islands this is a great place for a picnic. Another great place is Bell House Park, which is the ideal spot to see Seals, Eagles and Ferry’s 2 of which stop at the island daily ( am and pm). There are also campsites on the island but they recommend you book in advance during the summer.

The wildlife is amazing, in the garden of the cottage every evening we were visited by Deer and on one night a Otter decided to join them!

The shops ( bakery, cafe, post office, gifts, ice cream) aren’t open all week, in fact there not open all day, bring your own supplies. There are 2 grocery shops which are good for topping up on milk, bread and the essentials of life. A highlight is the Bookshop which had a great photography section, they had over 25,000 titles and is a must to visit, its also open 7 days!

There’s a pub on the island too, which provides a bus to its patrons during the summer months, enabling you to enjoy a drink then be taken back to rest your head. The coastline is stunning and this is where i spent most of my time with my camera’s. There are 1000 permanent residents on the island and they are a friendly bunch, one gentlemen telling me where to get the best shots!

I highly recommend a visit to this Island. You can get more info here :

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    Beautiful shots!

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    Great B&Ws !!!

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    That's really beautiful !

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    beautiful wild place...beautiful wild shots

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    you create a really great atmospere.....

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