Trippy Supermarche Trip with the Sprocket Rocket

I make it a point to trail people I never expect to meet – to the most unexpected places at least once a week. Or at least hop on a bus with an unknown number to get to an unknown destination. Imagine the number of possibilities that opens up!

This week, armed with the super awesome SUPERPOP! Green Sprocket Rocket and a bunch of stellar Lomography X Tungsten 64 films, I went for some off-the-cuff grocery shopping with a fantastic old friend, Colin Faulks at Carrefour.

Credits: youthlessss

Now who would’ve thought the supermarket would be such great mining ground for fantabulous lomographs? These trippy shots were made with a lethal combination of color gels slotted into a Diana F+ flash, and Sprocket Rocket N/B lever moved to B mode. Time your exposures at 2 seconds, or just go MX-crazy.

Credits: youthlessss

And on a side note: Looking at this, I feel inclined to go watch Cashback all over again!

Well the beans look better now, don’t they?

Credits: youthlessss

The Sprocket Rocket is the world’s first wide-angle camera dedicated entirely to sprockets. And now it’s available in the freshest hues—blue, green, orange, and yellow. The “Sprocket Rocket Superpop!”; features super wide-angle lens that captures the entire width of film and scrolling knobs for easy multiple exposures. Available in our Shop.

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